Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunner apk

Game Type: Action

Zombie Gunner  – Download Zombie Gunner game for android phone.ombie infection has spread throughout the town. Hundreds of citizens now roam the streets, hungry for flesh. Amidst the chaos, Andrew has lost his daughter, Lisa.

Help lisa rescue civilians and find his daughter while solving the mystery behind the strange zombie appearance. Filled with explosive zombie-killing gameplay and a storyline with twists and turns, players won’t be able to put the game down.

Zombie Gunner apk

Zombie Gunner features –

  • Side scrolling zombie killing action.
  • Endless variations of weapons and machines.
  • add new characters.
  • new stage challenges.
  • 3D night vision display
  • Use your radar to detect the undead threat walking towards your base. You are humanity’s last defense
  • Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will be your favorite?
  • Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun others on the leaderboards!


Requirement – android 2.2+

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