Cytus 2.0 apk

Cytus 2.0 apk

Game Type: android games

Cytus 2.0 apk android game

Cytus 2.0 apk – Download new Cytus android game, The world outlook of Cytus has always been there, through implementing the new chapter select menu, gamers will better understand & irresistibly drawn into the world of Cytus more than ever.

ayark team comes out with a plan, that is bold & experimental; with every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter that includes 10 new songs will be unlocked. The complete story of Cytus consists of 10 chapters, 100 songs thereof can be played as a whole, as long as the plan goes through in terms of having all 10 chapters unlocked.

Cytus 2.0 apk

Having attempted to execute such a plan, we intend to dodge the commonly used in-app purchased song packs in the contemporary music games. We are relying on each of every gamer to spontaneously promote Cytus to others for its quality content as well as friendly price.


Requirement – android 2.2+

Download from G play.

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