Bonecrusher: Free Endless Game

Game Type: Arcade

Bonecrusher: Free Endless Game – Embrace your inner bone collector and gather all the bones you can! Use power-ups to evade the devastating spikes and look stylish doing so with a variety of skins, or err, skulls.

Bonecrusher Free Endless

Bonecrusher: Free Endless Game Review –

Fun Fun game, perfect for some good old fashioned mindless entertainment. Suggestion: make one of the skulls as Sans from Undertale?

After a long time Highly addictive fast paced game with colourful graphics and nice music also and really crazyyy power-ups as well!! It deserves a 5 star rating. Starts gettin trippy after lvl5

real fun this is how good games suppose to be made

Awsome I had never thought I would find a game so fun. I’ve been playing for hours

Size – 34MB

Requires – android 2.3+

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