pokemon go

pokemon go – now available in your country, download latest version apk full download. full apk Pokémon GO for android 4.4 +.

Now you can Download the pokemon go For any country. Now’s your chance to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you—so get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

Pokémon are out there, and you need to find them. As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away.

pokemon go apk pokemon go

pokemon go note

his app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
Compatible with Android devices that have 2GB RAM or more and have Android Version 4.4 – 6.0 installed.
Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks
Not compatible with Android devices that use Intel Atom processors.
Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.
Application may not run on certain devices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.
It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
Compatibility information may be changed at any time.

Size – 58 MB

Requires – android 4.4+, Gps

Download latest version( v0.29.3)

Download  ( v0.29.2)

How to Download

Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run – You’ve been robbed! Explore this endless runner as TALKING TOM or TALKING ANGELA to chase down the robber and get your gold back! Discover new worlds, different running styles and grab boosts on the go. Running will pay off – you’ll be able to build your very own dream home from the ground up.

Talking Tom Gold Run Talking Tom Gold Run apk

Talking Tom Gold Run Feature –

Run after the robber to recover your gold and build your dream home
Unlock new worlds with different runner mechanics
Play with Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Hank and Talking Ben
Crack the vaults to earn secret loot and prizes.

Talking Tom Gold Run contains:

– The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks
– The option to make in-app purchases
– Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money (build progress, in-game functionalities)
– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising
– Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress
– Watching videos of Outfit7’s animated characters via YouTube integration
– Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps.

Size – 50 MB

Requires – android 4.1+


Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3 – So you’re still alive… Congrats!… But for how long when they have you absolutely outnumbered? What are you prepared to do?… Keep playing as a lone hero killing every walking dead on the route? Trust me, you won’t last two days! It’s not about surviving in the zombie apocalypse any more, it’s about winning this war.

The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more of savage zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy the zombie slaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to look for the best zombie shooting game, look no further.

Zombie Age 3 apk Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3 Features –

Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways
Cooperative gameplay with your friends
30+ deadly weapons at your disposal
20+ characters with unique abilities to develop
10+ different zombies & horrible bosses
Up to 10 game modes with thrillingly tough boss battles
Achievements & Global Leaderboards
Tons of missions
Tablets supported
Truly HD graphic

Size – 53 MB

Requires – android 4.0+


Ninja Revenge

Play as an enrage ninja killing every assassin to revenge the dead of his wife. When they dare to drive a ninja angry, there will only be blood!

Ninja Revenge FEATURES

  • True ninja experience
  • Power-ups, utilities and more
  • Tons of missions
  • Global leaderboard & achievement
  • Excellent multiplier system
  • Fast pace and simple control
  • Both HD/SD are supported

Ninja Revenge Ninja Revenge

FC on low devices such as: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problem still persists, please try following solutions:
– Shut down others running applications
– Reboot the phone.
– Switch off sound/music in the game
If none of above solutions works, then we are sorry but your phone just does not have enough memory/ram to play this game

Name: Ninja Revenge
Size: 18 MB
Android Requires: 2.3+

Table Tennis 3D apk

Table Tennis 3D apk android game

Beautiful 3D Graphics, Realistic Physics, and Challenging Opponents make this the Best Table Tennis game for Android. Table Tennis 3D apk Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real Table Tennis.

Table Tennis 3D apk

  • Play in an International Table Tennis League
  • 3 Great Tournaments: Olympic Table Tennis, World Table Tennis Championships and a Friendly Table Tennis Tournament.
  • Play a Table Tennis Career as you progress through the ranks to become a Champion.
  • Earn coins to unlock the new Table Tennis Tournaments
Name:Table Tennis 3D
Size: 13 MB
Android Requires: 2.0.1+

City Racing 3D

City Racing 3D – Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level! Incredible slim size, and support WiFi Multi-Player racing mode! Race the traffic! Be the king of street racing!

City Racing 3d

City Racing 3d apk

City Racing 3D Features –

Real Competition – Real cars, real tracks, real traffic racing with epic drift stunts. Climb up the leaderboards!

Super Cars & Easy Controls- Big surprise for free nice cars and the test drive! Easy controls and great car selection

Car Upgrades & Customize -Upgrade turbo engine, find the optimal tune for your car. Colorful paints and cool stickers

WiFi Multi-Player Racing- #1 LAN Multi-Player Real-time Racing game on mobile!

Global Rally Tour- Race around the worlds’ most bustling metropolis like Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, Arizona.

Size – 39 MB

Requires – android 2.3+


Mafia Family

Mafia Family: Mobster Wars android apk  android game, Start as a petty thief and rise to become the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob and spreading your influence throughout the city. Fight other mobsters in the most immersive.

To expend your mobster gang and your crime empire by taking on other gangsters in head on battles. Establish your crime syndicate and become the godfather of all! Make your mark as facto leader and ruler of your own criminal underground empire in city of gangsters this is not a easy thing to do!

Become a made man as you fight for power, get your hands dirty by doing crimes. Or go for the throats of other wiseguys to bring down their influence. Persuade the local business owners to sell their rackets to you and set up a real estate business. Played in a vast massive online multiplayer environment filled with loads of other individual gangsters. Show them who is da boss and godfather of these families. Setting up a organized crime syndicate takes time. Fighting in different vendetta, call for omerta when members of your organization must maintain absolute silence about the plans of your crime organization.


massively multiplayer online game ever.

Mafia Family features –

  • imobsters is a multiplayer online game.
  • Join over 10 million players.
  • fight with other player.
  • free updates with new missions, weapons, real estate, and more.
  • Arm your mob with the most powerful weapons, armor, and vehicles.
  • Control the city by acquiring real estate and extracting a fat income from them.
  • Bring friends into your mob to make it stronger.
  • Perform numerous dangerous crimes.
  • Go to wars with other mafia.

Size – 41 mb

Requires – 2.3+


Quadropus rampage

Quadropus rampage  – Perfect fusion of roguelike and brawler, android 2.1+. Quadropus rampage apk game for android. this is a title that you seriously need to install into your Android device pronto.

Quadropus Rampage is an Endless Roguelike that casts you, the player, as an enraged, four-legged cephalopod. It is your quest to reach the bottom of the ocean and destroy Pete, the evil god of the sea.

Quadropus rampage apk

Quadropus rampage features –

  • Be a quadropus – Go on a rampage 
  • Perfect fusion of roguelike and brawler – Hit enemies in their stupid faces 
  • Endless Gameplay – Randomly generated weapons, levels, and enemies that keep the action fresh until you die from thumb exhaustion 
  • Intuitive, fast-paced combat – Easy to learn, difficult to master. Dodge, block, stab, smash, and spin your way to victory! 
  • Five epic boss fights – Pursue Pete into the depths and bludgeon his mouth off 
  • Mastery system – 23 achievements with gameplay altering rewards 
  • Artifacts – Unearth 39 treasures that let you shoot lasers out of your face or turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang

Size – 29 MB

Requires – android 2.3+




Super speed skate

Super speed skate  – Do you like skating, Do you want to dance in the air than download speed skate apk game for android. If you do,  Speed skate is developed for you.

If you do, Super Speed skate is developed for you. It takes you into an adventurous and exciting world. Free slide, jump and rise to the sky. This game displays glamour of extreme sports.

Super speed skate 1.0.1 apk

Super speed skate features –

  • Cool and various actions.
  • Easy to play
  • Various characters
  • Thrilling
  • Inspiring music
  • Rich levels to challange
Size:16.10 MB
Android Requires: 2.1+

Marco Macaco

Marco Macaco  -Marco and Lulu record sounds in this platform puzzle game and create music. Marco Macaco is a monkey with a tazer and he loves to use it.Help him and his friend Lulu record sounds from all the exotic birds on the island, using her retro tape recorder. She loves to make music with nature sounds.

Solve mindbending puzzles by controlling both Marco and Lulu in this platform puzzle game.Prepare to be baffled when Marco starts to dance to Lulu’s recordings in Augmented Reality space – see him boogie on your desk, in school or in the loo: Your imagination sets the bar.

Marco Macaco Puzzle game

Marco Macaca 1.0.6 apk

So if tazing Pigs, Blowing up stuff, Jumping on sun beds and playing with Electricity to solve the puzzles is your kind of thing.
Size – 36 MB

Requirement – android 2.2+



Epic – Discover a hidden world unlike any other in the official game inspired by the 3D animated action-adventure movie.  tells the story of an ongoing battle between the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive, and the forces of evil, who wish to destroy the life force of the forest.

In the official Epic game, team up with the Leaf men  an elite band of samurai style warriors, and interact with a crew of comical, larger-than-life characters directly from the movie. Build your kingdom and help them save their world  and yours.

Epic 1.0 apk

Epic features –

  • Grow and create a thriving forest kingdom.
  • Battle to protect the jinn kingdom.
  • Your kingdom is a social world.

Size – 26 mb

Requirement – android 2.3+


Drift mania championship 2

Drift mania championship 2  – Download new Drift mania championship 2 apk for your android mobile. this is a car racing game with ultimate drift experience with its highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics.

Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Upgrade and fully customize your ride with performance upgrades and visual mods. Complete over 60 achievements in career mode. Challenge drivers from all over the world using the global leaderboards.

Drift mania championship 2

Drift mania championship 2 apk

Drifting is the act of maneuvering a vehicle through corners at speeds and angles that exceed the vehicle’s grip. A drift is when a driver performs a controlled slide through corners while adhering to the racing line.

Requirement – android 2.2+

Alpha Guns

Alpha Guns – Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game & be a Metal soldier.

Use various weapons and powers to fight your way through a multiple enemies and put an end to the evil army leader’s evil plans!!

Amazing powers and smooth gameplay will make you play this game for hours.

Alpha Guns - free Alpha Guns -apk

Alpha Guns Features:

– 5 different characters to choose.
– Lots of bosses and tanks to fight.
– Smooth controls
– Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.

size – 18 MB

Requires – android 2.3+


Highway rider

Highway rider – Speed junkies, slap on your helmet and experience some high octane action. Download this game for android. Zoom down the open highway and try to pass closely without crashing.

Be stupidly irresponsible by breaking all your bones.In Highway , being daring and passing close to vehicles increases your speed and your score. Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashing hurts! Collect pictures of your crushing accidents. Customize your own rider to give them a personal touch.

Highway rider 1.3.5 apk

Highway rider features –

  • New Characters.
  • Different Roads.
  • Real Racing.
  • Tilt to Steer your Bike.
  • Drive Close to Vehicles to Score.

Size – 33 MB

Requires – android 2.3+


Zombie Gunner apk

Zombie Gunner  – Download Zombie Gunner game for android phone.ombie infection has spread throughout the town. Hundreds of citizens now roam the streets, hungry for flesh. Amidst the chaos, Andrew has lost his daughter, Lisa.

Help lisa rescue civilians and find his daughter while solving the mystery behind the strange zombie appearance. Filled with explosive zombie-killing gameplay and a storyline with twists and turns, players won’t be able to put the game down.

Zombie Gunner apk

Zombie Gunner features –

  • Side scrolling zombie killing action.
  • Endless variations of weapons and machines.
  • add new characters.
  • new stage challenges.
  • 3D night vision display
  • Use your radar to detect the undead threat walking towards your base. You are humanity’s last defense
  • Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will be your favorite?
  • Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun others on the leaderboards!


Requirement – android 2.2+

Smurfs village apk

Smurfs village apk – Download smurfs village game for android phone. Meet Sweepy Smurf and build his hut to get your village in ship shape for the holidays. Place the Christmas Calendar and check it every day for special surprises.

Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more.

Smurfs village apk

Smurfs village feature –

  • Creativity is your only limit, build a complete Smurfs’ village from scratch.
  • Play with your favorite Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf and Jokey Smurf
  • Purchase Smurfberries via in-app purchase to speed up the growth of your crops and village.
  • Play mini games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game and Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game
  • Connect with friends through Facebook and send gifts to your friends’ villages
  • Play offline. manage your village anytime without having to connect to the internet.

Size – 18.6 mb

Requires – android 4.0+


9 Innings 2013 pro baseball apk

9 Innings 2013 pro baseball apk – Download and  enjoy roaster installed with the latest data up until Nov. 2012! Experience realer and greater 9 innings 2013.

9 Innings 2013 Pro Baseball is the greatest, most realistic baseball simulation presented by one of the global leaders in mobile games. The only baseball game that uses the names, photos, data, and league schedule of real baseball players.

9 Innings 2013 pro baseball apk

9 Innings 2013 pro baseball features –

  • Real graphics, smooth motion and an outstanding game engine.
  • Quick gameplay through autoplay (supports attack and defense only)
  • Play against 16 teams through friendly, league, home run derby and special modes.
  • Carry out 100 challenges and go for card and point rewards.
  • Rookie players can quickly adapt to the game through tutorial.

Download 9 innings 2013 pro

Requirement – android 2.2+

Battle Warships

Battle Warships – We are in a new era of war game, where your strategy matters as much as the size of your base and power of your armada. The world of Battle Warships challenges you to become the best navy commander. You must have a keen eye on the battlefield to dominate the action and bring order with your navy.

Enter a post-apocalyptic world engulfed by the ocean and thriving with pirate activity. Command the most iconic war vessels and aircraft to destroy your enemies in all out naval warfare! Why not join an alliance for true MMO glory and battle in the ultimate naval showdown – The Bermuda. The world is yours for the taking and it needs a ruler.

Battle Warships game Battle Warships

Battle Warships Features –

  • Build your navy base & conquer all foes!
  • A tier level warship system of more than 20 classes of destroyers, cruisers and battleships combined
  • Over 20 aircraft varieties with unique attack styles and abilities
    Destroy or be destroyed in the ultimate monthly naval showdown
    Fight epic battles against countless other players on the
  • interactive world map
  • Join forces with other players to form an unstoppable alliance
    Battle famous pirates for resources and mysterious treasure

Size – 85 MB

Requires – android 4.0.3+


World at arms

World at arms 1- Download World at arms apk game for android, plat this ultimate fighting game.use all latest wepons and fight with your enemy. this is war and you have to win.

United States of America is under attack by an evil alliance of highly trained forces known as the KRA. As the leader of the free world, you have to stand and fight. Build and develop your military base, train your army, and battle against or ally with players from all over the world online in order to defeat the enemy for good.

World at arms 1.0.8 apk

World at arms features

  • Enjoy the most beautiful war simulation on smartphone with outstanding graphics & animations, plus extra-realistic units & buildings.
  • Engage in innovative, strategic and breathtaking battles across the globe, in the air and on the ground, and unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you!
  • Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings & upgrade your base to become the top superpower
  • Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign with more than 75 missions to complete

Size –  40 MB

Requires – android 4.0+


Weed Firm 2: Back to College

Weed Firm 2: Back to College by Manitoba Games.
The sequel to the now-legendary weed growing adventure, Weed Firm: RePlanted, featuring the next level in simulations for selling pot.Weed Firm 2 Back Weed Firm 2 Back to College


Weed Firm 2: Back to College game you will:

  • Cultivate your weed farm empire with multiple strains of marijuana, including the well-known White Widow and Purple Haze, as well as the amazingly powerful and extremely beautiful Alien Weed.
  • Market your pot to a range of eccentric clientele such as Jane the stripper, Luni & Durte the rap duo, Sandy & Mandy the Cheerleaders, Ian the DJ, Rasta Bob, and many more
  • Grow your plantation and customize your shop with a series of items that will help kick up your buzz as well as keep you safe from cannabis seeking intruders.
  • Break into a new line of grass business & expand your shop by growing magic mushrooms; including varieties such as Mexican, Ecuadorian, Alien, and Intergalactic.
  • Open up a portal to another galaxy and sell your finest mushrooms to extraterrestrial alien visitors.
  •  Defend your stash of ‘shrooms and mary jane from the local Gangbangers and find creative ways of shaking off corrupt cops and federal agents who are ready to bust up your pot growing shop.

more about Weed Firm 2

In this follow-up to Weed Firm: RePlanted, the popular role-playing weed growing and dealing adventure, expelled botany student Ted Growing heads back to his Alma Mater. This time he’s not there to hit the books, but rather to hide out from the cops who are hot on his trail. Ted sets up his grass grow-op in an abandoned gym and gets down to doing what he does best: cultivating and selling cannabis. You get to be Ted as he expands his weed farm to new locations; planting new varieties of bud and magic mushrooms. Feel your pulse rising as Ted tries to keep his buzz up while growing his pot farm empire and selling to an ever-increasing client base that demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Jah be with you! Peace

Size – 93mb

Requires – android 2.3.3+


Zombie chasing apk

Zombie chasing apk – Escape from the wrath of angry Zombies Chasing you, ancient zombie grave. Download Zombie chasing apk game for android. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and survive as long as you can.

here will be dangers along the way, and special gifts to collect. Buy power ups and equip on your character to extend the chances inside the zombie grave, while completing missions and become the ultimate explorer being chased.

Zombie chasing apk

Zombie chasing features –

  • 4 unique scenes waiting for you to explore
  • Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins
  • Buy power ups and equip on your character to extend your chances
  • Mind-blowing 3D visual effects
  • Amazing zombie mode allow you to play zombies
  • Choose from 9 different characters
  • More than one life! Play card games to revive your characters
  • Compete with your friends on the Game Center leaderboard
  • Full of fun, highly addictive gameplay
Name:Zombie Chasing
Size: 32 MB
Android Requires: 2.1+

style me girl apk

Style Me Girl: Free 3D Dressup – Fashion stunning looks, dressup glamorous models and become the stylist to the stars in the first 3D fashion game.

You can play offline, data is required for In-App Purchasing
The game will download new fashions automatically
Known issue: for Android 4.4.1, black screen may be caused by in-app purchase. Please restart app to resume as normal.

style me girl apk

style me girl features-

  • SHOP TIL YOU DROP with thousands of gorgeous 3d styles from gothic to glam 
  • CHOOSE your pose and snap the moment in exciting photoshoots 
  • DECORATE your look with apparel, accessories, cosmetics and even pets! 
  • DISCOVER over 30 different fashion genres from casual to couture 
  • PLAY the style catch game to earn coins for even more shopping 
  • FREE to play

Size – 49MB

Require – android 2.3+


crime story apk

crime story  – corruption and greed rule in Crime Story. Be the Godfather of your play world. a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

game is a game where you can narrate your own gangsta story. Your stairway up to the mafia boss position starts with searching of your kidnapped brother. Feel the romance of the mysterious mafia world: raise your profile from a common nasty job doer to a respected mobster, eliminate rivals, and subdue the town.

crime story apk android game

crime story apk

crime story features –

  • Captivating global plot,
  • A huge number of quests united by a single exciting storyline,
  • Widest range of challenging tasks connected to emergence of other gangs’ representatives,
  • Diverse mini-games: from a break-in to card cheating.
  • nteraction with local Police that influences the gameplay,
  • Raising the profile in the eyes of powerful gangs by making new tattoos,
  • Opportunity to accumulate and refill life resources while absence in the game,
  • User-friendly interface, bright 3D graphics, and smooth animation,

Download links –

Link 1

Link 2

Requirement – android 2.1+

The Last Defender apk

The Last Defender apk – Download the Last Defender game for android, this game will plunge you into the heart of modern defense. you will be equipped with most sophisticated and powerful modern day weapons to protect the company’s secret.

The Last Defender features –

  • 31 achievements and 7 worldwide leader boards waiting for you to explore.
  • Backup saved games to server and restore them whenever you want.
  • The build-in screenshot system can help you keep the most wonderful moment to loss less images.

The Last Defender apk

combat inrensity at its peak –

  • 5 campaign missions across 3 intensely detailed battle zones and multiple weather effects.
  • 29 challenges, each challenge has 3 difficulties.
  • 8 kinds of enemies including IFV, tanks, jets, choppers, airships and so on.
  • 7 weapons from real military forces, including LMG, HMG, Cannon, Bazooka, Chase Missile, Mortar, and PDA.


Requirement – android 2.1+

alpaka evolution apk

alpaka evolution apk – thsi game is very addicted game. download alpaka evolution apk game for android.

Hits 7 million downloads!!
An addicting free game! Simple and fun!
Japanese Kimo-kawaii character!!

In a sunny merry meadow village,
where a herd of alpacas live in peace and innocuously enough.
something unusual has happened.
……An alpaca was born mutant.

more about alpaka evolution

He goes on the process of evolution, in his very peculiar way,
by knocking out other alpaca brothers,
and “absorbing” them.

You will see him no longer a cute and fluffy alpaca.
Gained EXP by the “absorbing”,
he gets much more powerful and bigger…
At a final stage of evolution, what could he mutate into?
A god or a devil ? or…..
It’s above and beyond your imagination.

alpaka evolution 1.0.9 apk

Name:Alpaca Evolution
Size: 16 MB
Android Requires: 2.2+

the croods apk

the croods apk – Meet the world’s first modern family, cavemen are breaking out of the Stone Age.

new revolutionary tool the idea Croods will Hunt & Gather their way through spectacular new landscapes as they tame fantastic and never seen-before creatures. Help  Croods survive the wild.. and each other.

the croods apk

the croods features –

  • Trap & tame 10 evolutionarily mixed up creatures, You’ve never seen anything like the Girelephant or Molarbear Think you can catch them all.
  • Create wacky inventions with Grug to open and explore new areas.
  • Decorate your pre-historic world with the latest in caveman fashion accessories.
  • Meet your favorite characters from the feature animation film from DreamWorks Animation.
Name:The Croods
Size: 29 MB
Android Requires: 2.3+

Ben 10 xenodrome apk

Ben 10 xenodrome apk – Download full Ben 10 xenodrome android game.Transform, battle and level up in BEN 10 Ultimate Alien: Xenodrome. Play as Ben Tennyson and unlock his alien powers as he takes on the evils of the galaxy. Enjoy solo story mode or battle against other players.

Xenodrome is an all-new free game where you unleash your favorite aliens from the Ultimate Alien TV series. As Ben Tennyson you must use the skills of various alien forms to stop Aggregor and other villains across the galaxy.

Ben 10 xenodrome apk

Ben must battle against foes, collect all new alien DNA and increase his alien powers. Now it’s your turn to take down the Forever Knights, Charmcaster, and even some secret Ultimate Foes.

Ben 10 xenodrome Features –

Intelligent and fun control system
— Level up your alien forms and use Ultimate power-ups!
— Original Turn-Based Battle System – the first of its kind!
— Play as 9 different Alien Forms such as Rath, Ultimate Humungousaur, Waterhazard, Ampfibian, NRG, Armodrillo, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Big Chill and Ultimate Cannonbolt.
— 8 Stages to do battle in, from Ben’s hometown to the ends of the galaxy
— Incredibly fun endless gameplay!
— Battle against 15 different foes including Charmcaster, Forever Knights, Aggrebots (Aggregor’s robot minions), Ultimate Aggregor, Kevin Levin (Ultimate Kevin) and also Charmcaster’s Stone Creatures and more!
— One of the largest character rosters in any BEN 10 game to date

Ben’s journey will take you to the ends of the galaxy and give you a chance to discover all-new alien forms. Use Ben to battle evil and you will increase his alien powers and unlock hidden potentials you never dreamed of

Name:Ben 10 Xenodrome
Size: 47 MB
Android Requires: 2.0.1+

Bunny run apk

Bunny run apk – a speedy little bunny needs to escape the clutches of a terrifying. Run or get eaten, download Bunny run apk game for android. addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Help the cute bunny as he runs, jumps, slides and whirls through the underbrush to outrun and outmaneuver the fearsome.

You are a cute little bunny abandoned by a wandering carnival in a strange forest. Eyeing you suspiciously is a grizzly bear, and he’s looking super hungry. Suddenly the bear lunges at you – run, Bunny Run It’s a jungle out there but with enough speed you might be able to get away.

Bunny run apk

Bunny run features –

  • lisit 8 different forests on all 7 continents.
  • Unlock and play more wild animals as characters.
  • Gear up with upgradeable equipment that will help you survive longer.
  • Lots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you play.
  • Give Bunny a head start! Purchase utility items for him to use in his escape.
  • Play daily for a chance to win bonus items.
Name:Bunny Run
Size: 24 MB
Android Requires: 2.0.1+